Friday, June 09, 2006

New Wisdom from the Home Trenches

Dad [in kitchen, rummaging for a late-night goodie]: Wow! You know you've really been displaced when you look in the cookie tin and all you find is DOG BISCUITS!

G [in response to something someone else said]: Yeah. That really just puts the button on my belly.

G and I went to the library. I opened the door, went in first, and G went second. I said, "Age before beauty." And he said, "No, Mom, WIT before beauty." (Nice, huh? He won that round.) Kind of like Oscar Wilde. Only if Oscar had said it, HE would have gone first. No, come to think about it, he would want credit for both the wit and the beauty, so he would only have said such a thing if he had gone in alone and he were talking to himself.



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