Monday, December 25, 2006


Merry Christmas!

I received a few lovely gifts, and this was the theme (yes, singular) of the day:

Frogs. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil frogs! They fit on the window sill. They are supposed to go in the garden, but we have an evil squirrel posse. The squirrels regularly knock over pots and break them, so I am not about to let them near my frogs.

I also received a large, heavy hand-carved onyx paperweight frog, and a pair of frog sterling silver earrings. None of the people who gave these gifts to me knew someone else was giving me something froggy. For me, it was serendipidous. The gifts were brilliant individually, but taken together they were a hoppy opus.

So, the Tyke saw the three frogs on the window sill and said, "Mom, is the last one 'taste no evil,' or 'smell no evil'? Which is it?"

Yep. You would expect such a question from the "gifted program" kid with highest marks in LANGUAGE ARTS who also asked today, when we were watching the director's cut version of Amadeus, "Mom, is there a difference between a 'bistro' and a 'maestro'?"

Yes. In one you hope to taste no evil. From the other, you hope to hear no evil.

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