Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust?

An event from the entry of 5/12 has happened again--I was sitting here not blogging, but listening to a tutorial about blogging, when another hummingbird slammed into the same window as last time. Whack! Whizzzzzzzzzzzzzz and divebombing down two floors. This is horrible. I can't stand it, the poor little things. Upon striking, they make a noise that's grossly disproportionate to their actual size. Again, I couldn't follow where it went, but it was still going pretty fast when it bounced off. No detectible corpse. But they're so small and I'm so blind, how would I really know? Still, that's gotta be one sore birdy schnozz. I hope he didn't break his teeny beak or something. I'm wondering if I should put a tiny "bring out your dead!" cart down on the driveway.


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