Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wilde, Wilde scarf

Here's my take on the basket-weave: I call it the Oscar Wilde scarf, because Oscar believed in livin' large, and this scarf is nothing if not that--14 inches wide by 9.5 feet long. It wears more like a pashmina. If I wear it over my head I am the spitting image of an 1890's refugee. After I started it I sort of went into a weird trance and could not stop, and the longer it got the more I wanted to keep going. Madness, I tell you. That was a long time ago. And I would still be working on it today, except that it became clear that the yarn was going to run out, and I couldn't afford more.

I am so, so glad to see that many other people like Crazy Aunt Purl and her horde of blogstalkers (see her June 6th post) have fallen prey to this, too. I am not the only nut case, and those other nut cases seem to be pretty nice folks!

And while I'm on the subject of knitting, I chased down exactly one (1) tiny ball of this adorable eyelash stuff at my LYS, and immediately snatched it and ran under the porch with it:

It has just a teeny bit of gold fiber woven into it that seems to say, "Party!" I worked it into a retarded scarf I'm making, uh, I mean ripping (I hid the million errors, yuk yuk):

I just love this combination so much that between the colors and the way it feels to my hands, I nearly want to eat it. See? Nut case!


At 6/09/2005 4:22 AM, Blogger Tuesday said...

Ohhh, I want something out of the rainbow eyelash stuff too! Can you knit a small Wear-Around-Your-Neck-Crystal-Pouch out of it?

Yes, I am serious!

At 6/09/2005 4:02 PM, Blogger sputnik said...

Why, I don't see why not, Tuesday! The shop is out since I bought the only ball, but I looked online and found some. Actually, that would be a good project since it's starting to get hot and humid and I balk at the thought of heavy wool projects.

At 10/11/2005 2:54 PM, Blogger Mary said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has certain yarns she loves so much she could eat them! I thought I was the only nutcase. Glad to have company! There's one yarn I'm knitting with that I love so much that I am sad when the project is over. I could knit and knit and knit that yarn and be happy forever. Perhaps I should knit something big with it, like a blanket? ;-)

At 4/12/2007 8:25 PM, Blogger *~*Katy*~* said...

One of my best friends has to sniff yarn before she buys it. We all have our little quirks. Like me..I'm knitting a Harry Potter scarf (in Texas, in April - more importantly for July!) LOL and I insist on showing it to anyone who'll look after just about every row! LOL

At 1/25/2010 1:11 AM, Blogger mlang said...

I am obsessed with this scarf! It is sooo beautiful! What is the pattern???? Is is a rib? Is it a???? Please let me know ASAP! You soooo rock!


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