Tuesday, August 08, 2006


If the past week or so is any indication, the Tyke is still the undisputed king of the bon mot.

Adult family friend: So, Tyke, are you pretty happy with your new shoes?

Tyke: I think I might spontaneously combust! [The shoes carry the Nerf brand, which I'd not seen in shoes before, and they are spongy shoes that he can wear to the beach and into the water. Orange and gray. Trendy. Bet no one else at the Cape will have them.]


Tyke asks Mom: So, Mom, C[middle name] is my butler name, right?

Mom (as usual): Whaaattt!!!??

Tyke: C[middle name] is my butler name, like D[my middle name] is your maiden name, right?

This is the second time the "butler" theme has appeared. Last time it was "butlers" and "butlesses."



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