Sunday, October 15, 2006

Autumn Quotations

Today's post preserves various overhearings that took place during a drive to Vermont in a kid-filled Suburban. Such comments renew my faith in the fascinating natural evolution of our beautiful, bizarre language, and the promise of bubbling creative nonsense among our youth. They are in no particular order, and that's fine, because the contexts were completely chaotic.

Tyke: (of stubblefields, which we intentionally looked for in conjunction with a poetry assignment) The fields are all like that because they've been hacked with a mow-lawner.

S: We hit two stones with one bird.

Tyke: (adjusting the earbuds to the iPod) The sound is upside down!

S: Which song is this, "Another One Bites the Lust"?

Mrs. P: (trying to read the fine print at the bottom of her restaurant receipt without putting on her glasses) Thank you for bonding with us??!! (what looked like "bonding" was actually "dining")

Tyke: (upon passing a cemetery--this is a superstitious "tradition" that I never heard of, but the kids all seem to know it) Quick! Close your breath! [hold your breath]

G: (of fuel tanks on a pop-up camper being pulled by a car) Those 'Blue Rhino' things are p- p- p- uh, provalone. [propane]

Tyke: (looking out the car window at the sky) Oh, my gosh, is that a fake moon?

And, since they fit this category but happened at home instead of in the car:

G: (speaking on the phone with guy friend) I feel, like, operatic today. Do you want to operat with me?

G: All that food at school is made out of mystery meat. Not just the meat. No matter what it is, it's all made out of, who knows what it's made out of, loafenfloofer. Even the cookies are made of loafenfloofer.

Mom: What are the vegetarian options made of? Tofufloofer?



At 10/20/2006 10:00 AM, Blogger Tuesday said...

Tofufloofer is *actually* the generic name for Tofurkey. Really, no really. Just ask them down at the shops.

At 10/22/2006 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I feel, like, operatic today. Do you want to operat with me?"

Oh, sweet Jesus. Now I'm going to be saying this for days.


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