Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sales Pitch

A few weeks ago a new local car-dealership ad started coming on during daytime TV. Typical of local, low-budget ads, it is loud and unconvincing. This one has a twist, however--and it's a pitch I've never heard from a boorish car salesman before. At the end of the ad, an irritating woman, clearly not a professional ad person, appears as narrator and says, or reads,
Come on down to Bob's Dodge. He just wants to get you a loan.
I was not looking at the screen the first time I heard this. So, to me, just listening, it sounded like, "He just wants to get you alone!" The next time the ad came on, I saw that the words were printed. But, still. Like I'm gonna run on down to Bob's Dodge so he can get me alone.

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At 5/01/2007 8:32 AM, Blogger FlawlessWalrus said...

Thanks! You just saved me from having to write almost this exact same blog post! I was looking down and heard the most creepy ad tagline ever... I looked up and saw "a loan." Laughed my ass off. Way to go, Bob.

At 5/01/2007 5:57 PM, Blogger sputnik said...

Flawless--Thanks! I'm so heartened to know someone else heard what I thought I heard! P.S. Nice, poetic name. FlawlessWalrus.

At 11/07/2008 6:15 PM, Blogger luckyhole said...

Oh Bob!

At 2/05/2009 12:48 PM, Blogger PRK said...

I ALWAYS make fun of this idiotic commercial! Whenever he has his little brat grandson, (or whoever the kid is) on, I say the line..."hey kid...watch out...he just wants to get YOU alone"!
And read the fine print on his ads...he just wants to screw you is what he wants to do!


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