Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Police Relativity

Elder son (G) and I were surfing the web to find out what the prices might be for tickets to the upcoming Police concert here. (It's not until way late in the summer, but we have friends who are going and, until just now, we ignorantly toyed with the idea ourselves.)

While I was waiting for the site to load, we were thinking, "We're considering paying the Police to give us a ticket? What's that about? Wouldn't we rather pay them not to give us a ticket? Don't Police usually just give you a ticket and it's only when you don't want one?"

The site came up and we started scanning the prices. Gads. [Many worse expletives follow from both kid and mom.]

The cheapest was $90, way up in the corner aerie which might as well be in the next town over ( a town where you don't want to visit, if you get my drift).

Having decided to remain suckers for punishment, we scrolled all the way to the bottom of the long, long page to see the highest price. We fanned ourselves and then fainted dead over. KINGS OF PAIN! $1090! I hate to use more than one exclamation point when one generally does just as well, but #$%^@%^&*@!!!

And G said, "So, say I were to want to sit in section 3. Hmm. Basically they're saying I could make the choice of buying three tickets to section 3, or having my tuition paid for the Arts Academy next year. Is that about it? [Blank stare/grave look on face]

"How could any concert possibly be worth that much? Gees! Wait . . . it's only the people who are the Police who can afford to go see the Police! There's your irony again . . . I think I'll take $90. No. What am I saying? I think I'll just wait and have James tell me how it was."



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