Monday, November 14, 2005

More Glasses Problems

Ah, the ongoing saga, uh, goes on. As if it weren't enough irritation to have glasses whose lenses pop out randomly and unprovoked (see post of May 24, 2005 ), I've invented a new irritation. But at least I figured out the cause.

Since a recent visit to a warehouse store where I bought a large number of cube-shaped tissue boxes, I've noticed that my vision is worse. Hmmmm.

It seems that I've been spraying my lenses with lense cleaner, then wiping them with a facial tissue instead of a lens tissue. Well, technically I guess I'm not supposed to use facial tissues because my lenses have a couple of expensive, fancy coatings on them. Anyway, I noticed that every time I would "clean" the glasses, I would put them back on and they seemed worse and more smeary than before. Why, why, why?

The other day after putting the glasses back on, I picked up the tissue box and looked at it carefully (something I could never do if I weren't wearing the glasses; I am truly blind as a mole). And in small print on the BOTTOM of the box it says, "with lotion."

So instead of cleaning my glasses, I've been applying lotion to them! DUH! I could not believe it. I deliberately never buy tissue with lotion. I hate tissue with lotion! Who knows what's in it? But somehow I didn't see the detail when I bought those boxes. And, bleah! I bought them at a warehouse store, so I have loads of them. How dumb. I guess it's off to the store to get a dedicated box of tissues just for the glasses.


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