Thursday, June 07, 2007

Poetry Thursday: A Dark Memory & Revenge

I'm not just lazy this week, but also really busy. Haiku and a cinquain will have to suffice.

Dark Memory

Chewed insulation.
Electrocuted squirrel.
All the lights went out.


forces mourning:
its flesh white as a ghost,
spirits sharp as the butcher knife
carve tears.

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At 6/07/2007 2:36 PM, Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

Wow- how evocative!
Both were awesome but I love the first line to Revenge...

At 6/07/2007 3:44 PM, Blogger paris parfait said...

Good job with the haiku! Poor squirrel. And I can't tolerate onions, but I appreciate your description of chopping them.

At 6/07/2007 5:54 PM, Blogger Brian said...

definitely got a good laugh at the first one... bravo

At 6/07/2007 7:22 PM, Blogger Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

LOVE the Haiku! a terrible end for the squirrel... YIKES...

At 6/08/2007 11:37 AM, Blogger sputnik said...

Thanks, all. Yes, it was a terrible end for the squirrel. It happened in the power room of a large university building, and we had to teach without lights. After half-a-day's blackout the news got around that the whole thing was caused by a mere squirrel. I still feel really bad for the poor physical-plant guy who was elected to clean up fried squirrel.

At 6/08/2007 8:31 PM, Blogger Nance said...

Please continue to fry squirrels. I am having a terrible time with them at my bird feeder.

At 6/09/2007 9:33 AM, Blogger gautami tripathy said...

I loved both!

I did feel bad for the squirrel though.

At 6/09/2007 5:27 PM, Blogger chicklegirl said...

I love your dark humor. The haiku made me chuckle and grimace at the same time. And the onion--sounds like my kitchen. Both were nicely, concisely done.

At 6/12/2007 8:45 AM, Blogger Tuesday said...

Wow, the Onion Haiku was very evocative and visceral.

At 6/13/2007 12:40 PM, Blogger Tinamtl said...

Poor squirrel, :0(

I love "carve tears"


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