Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weird Dreams

Weird dreams visit me quite often. There was the one years ago where my toddler and I were wading in six-inch deep water in the Caribbean and a sea turtle swam up and swallowed him, and I thrashed out after the turtle and swam like hell until I caught it by the leg. I stuck my hand straight down the turtle's throat and turned its entire body inside out (just like an oven glove) until I saved the baby and swam him safely back to shore.

Most of my dreams are architectural. This has been going on all of my life. I relish those dreams because they let me inhabit fascinating spaces that are conjectural and conceptual and often make absolutely no sense, and yet I get to occupy completely illogical and fabulous places. I find this tremendously freeing, since most of mundane daily life, literally and figuratively, is bordered by such maddeningly predictable, unremarkable walls.

Yesterday one of the boys and I were watching part of an episode of "How They Do It" on Discovery (I think). There was a segment on how they make and package bandages, and much more compelling, a bit on how microchips are fabricated. I like this kind of stuff and so does the kid, but the kid was very tired from athletic overexertion and said he hated it and could not stand it anymore, so off it went. But I was still thinking about the microchips.

This morning, as I was dreaming I somehow got stuck in a big potato-chip factory tour. They showed us everything from slicing to how the oil gets put in the frying vats to the draining, conveyors, salting and bagging. But on this tour, I got shown more than the salting. I was on a flavor tour! And lucky me. What flavor did I get? Salt and vinegar? Sour cream? Jalapeno lime? BBQ? Cheddar? Not that I like any of those. No. Yecchhhh. In fact, I'm a potato-chip purist. Plain-old classic is good, and when I'm feeling wild, the ripple kind that you can dip without breaking.

I was on the tour of

Steak & onion flavor

I don't eat beef, haven't for many, many years, and can't really stand the thought of it. Why did my mind come up with this?


Quick! Where do I turn in my tour ticket and trade it for a different tour?!! Where do I turn in my dream ticket and trade it for a different dream?!!



At 7/14/2007 10:27 PM, Blogger Nance said...

I am all about that tour! Potato chips are my weakness, especially the plain original Lays, but I'd love to try the steak and onion flavor. Unlike you, I am a beefeater. Not like the gin label guy....

At 7/28/2007 11:10 AM, Blogger Ingenue said...

Alas, I never remember my dreams and thus have less blog-worthy material to write about.


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