Monday, August 01, 2005

tip & tip

reason writing dumb, misspelled & wrong is big kid got on MY computer when unauthorized. After coming home from tyke swim team party, found big kid twisting & leaning in my tiny feminine antique cherry desk chair. Commanded off; didn't matter; chair was indeed ruined vut I didn't know yet. ordered kid out of chair. Sat in chair immed. and picked up seat, which hanfs (that's 'hangs') outr (uh, out) over leg frame. Seat picked up, frame didn't; left index finger trapped between seat frame and leg frme; sat lightly and elegfantly, (ooh, mayve that's elephantly!) but still smashed finger between, finger actuallly burst like water balloon. Great pain for such a small finger. Divot as in golf course shot out of fingertip and spurted blood for hours.

cant typr well now even though udst to be hunt-n-peckr yrs ago.

oh owwwwwwwwwww

G kid in doghouse bigtime ............


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