Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yet Another Tykeism

Again, Happy B-Day, Tyke.

Tyke came home with his graded "Nature of Science Survey." He got a check plus. I think, in a way, his teacher was giving him a lot of credit which he might not have deserved. The survey was designed so kids could agree or disagree with the statements, and state reasons for their opinions. All of his other answers were clearly sound, but this one was fishy:

Statement #3: Imagination and creativity play an important role in the work of a scientist.

Tyke's answer: Yes, because if Thomas Edison didn't have the creativity to make a light bulb, it would be dark today.

Uhhhm, no, Tyke, but sort of.

Also, for background of why this is funny to us, you should know that we used to live in Corning, NY, home of the fabulous Corning Museum of Glass. The first Edison light bulbs were mass produced in the Corning glassworks. My kids could tell you anything about the history of glass. They used to want to go to the museum every single weekend (which we could do for free just by crossing the main street, being employees of said company), and we used to get private tours by the wonderful curator on slow weeks. His name was: Mr. Starr! And they loved that, at the end of the tour, he would give out little smooth glass blobs from his seemingly infinitely deep clownlike pocket. And once he gave them a big blue glass star, which they still have.

Thank goodness it isn't dark today. Thanks for the creativity of scientists like my DH! And thanks to Thomas Edison, and to Corning, too.


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