Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Teenage Conversation

This is the whole thing.

Phone rings: Ring, ring.

15-year-old boy answers.

Complete silence.

15: Oh. . . . . . . . Hello.
(blabbering on the other end)

15: Yeah. (Clear that he does know the speaker.)
(further blabbering)

15: Yep.
(yet more blabbering)

15: (deadpan) That's good.
(some sort of appeal)

15: Okay.




At 5/02/2007 8:14 PM, Blogger Neil said...

Maybe you should get a 15 year old to help you set up an RSS feed!

At 5/02/2007 8:36 PM, Blogger sputnik said...

Neil, as always, you're the wit. Thanks, too. This would have happened already if I weren't both lazy and a harassed mom who spends most of her time in the car chauffeuring said kid.


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