Monday, September 24, 2007

Neologisms Abounding

Tyke: Mom, what's a malevictorian? (valedictorian)

Yay! I really love this one. He has outdone himself. It's so evocative, making images rush into my mind. Immediately I think of Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Jack the Ripper, Frankenstein, the grave-robbers of Edinburgh, Rasputin--the list could go on and on.

BTW, that's the incomparable John Barrymore as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in the 1920 film of the same name. Swell!


At 9/26/2007 2:56 PM, Blogger Nance said...

How can you forget Heathcliff, the MALEVICTORIAN extraordinaire? LOL. This really is a great one!!

Actually, it should BE a describe an evil Victorian literary character. Oh, let's start naming more. Dickens alone has so many.


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