Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Saved-Up Tidbits

Overheard and noted, but not posted 'til now:

G [waxing all arrogant and "knowledgeable" about technology]: People who buy iPods and iTunes are like people like us, who buy stupid Dell computers. They're just wasting their money on the Cream of the Crap.

Tyke [having been asked in the car if he can hear what's coming through someone else's earbuds]: I must be blind, because I can't hear it.

Fellow Mom [on yearly trip to Vermont, without her glasses, looking at note at the bottom of lunch receipt]: Thank you for dancing with us? Click here for last year's misreading.

Tyke, being asked a quiz question, and answering the question before the quizzer was even finished:
Quizzer: "Which Romans were rich and powerful . . . "
Tyke [interrupting] The Greeks!
Quizzer: The question was, "Which Romans were rich and powerful, the patricians or the plebeians?"

S: I answered that question by the process of elim-illumination.

Me [looking at bottom of shopping receipt]: Historic Decaffeinated Museum Store? (Deerfield)



At 2/12/2008 2:06 AM, Blogger chicklegirl said...

LOL--I loved the "Cream of the Crap" comment; hilarious!


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